For Immediate Release

Purpose: To help change the world with the thought of love!
When: Begins 2-1-01, Event occurs on 2-2-02
Where: & Adelaide, Australia
Contact: Melvin Brown
On February 2, 2001 I will perform a concert for the world! The event will be held in Adelaide, Australia and on website. Join with me to help bring the world together for this positive event, sharing the thought of love. Beginning 2-1-00 I am requesting the help of everyone in the world, to spread this message of love with each other. Will you help? Please spread the word . . . contact everyone you know and ask them to support and let’s get the world to stop for a few moments on 2-2-02 to “Share The Thought of Love”!

“When I change the world will change, and the world will love when I love.”


I am a U.S. entertainer who travels the world, with the message that; “Love is the answer to our problems.” I learned to love myself, then those who called me nigger, heathen, and all of the things not coming from a place of love.

I started a project, THE CHANGE THIS WORLD PROJECT, about twenty years ago to help homeless people, the elderly, and last but not least the children. However, after about ten years, I realized that giving food, clothing, writing and inspiring people to love, and listening to their problems was not enough for me.

I came to the conclusion that where and how you began in life has a lot to do with how and where you ended up. The one thing that we all have in common is that we were all somebody’s children, and that the people who have the most knowledge and the most time to give the children are the elderly, who are being discarded and put into nursing homes.

I decided that this world was being left to children (people who were still trying to figure out who they are, and where they were going in life) to raise other children. So I decided to build homes for children and elderly people together.

I have been spending money, from my entertainment business, to buy property in Texas to build my first home. I plan to continue this project into other states and countries, so that we can get the world back on tract.

I am not a beggar, and I don’t ask for donations. I use my great given talents as an entertainer (singer, dancer, tap dancer, clogger, story teller, comedy and fun), funds from my CDs (Change this World, All of Me, and Let’s Talk About Love), my Videos (Tap into Health & Tap into Health 2 with all natural exercises), as well as my books (about twenty-five in all aboutlove, philosophy, and psychology) to support and fund my projects. I have worked in places like the MGM Grand in Los Vegas, Jupiter’s casino Australia, and all types of festivals giving fun and joy to the people. All funding for my projects comes through sale of my products and show bookings.

I find that today Adelaide Australia, seems more than the appropriate place to kickoff this

Everything that exists began with a thought. I want to start again, with the thought of love.

On this day February 2, 2002 I will do a concert for the world, three songs (which will be made available on CD for as close to cost as possible) to mark the event. The website will be up by February 1st, 2001 and I am asking the people from organizations around the world to begin with me to call all organizations and individuals to help bring the world together, for a positive event, the thought of love, when I change the world will change, and the world will love when I love,


Thanks for your support.

Melvin Brown