The first “I Love You Day” Concert was realized in Sydney Australia!
On February 2nd.2002, we found a part of the world willing to come together to say: “I Love You”.

The “I Love You Day” Concert 2003 took place on the Canary Islands, Spain and it got bigger! . . . 2004 in Rome, 2005 in Malta, 2006 in Dubai, and 2010 in MACAU Island, Iao Hon Garden.

About I Love You Day:
I just want the world to stop everything for a few moments, to say: “I LOVE YOU”.

The Mission:
Together we will all shift the consciousness of the planet to love.

The Event:
I want the world to stop and watch as I perform three songs, ending with everyone watching everywhere in the world and all saying together: “I LOVE YOU”. This is a positive world event for everyone! WILL YOU HELP?

by sending e-mail, letters, faxes, or phone calls to the TV, NEWSPAPERS, RADIO STATIONS, etc. and saying: “I support PROJECT February 2 – I LOVE YOU DAY”. Then send everyone you know, anywhere in the world, an e-mail, fax, letter, or phone call asking them to do the same thing.

Did you know that everything that exists was once only a thought? This is the thought of love . . . we can do this!

Thank you for your support of Project I Love You Day!

Let’s Get Together and Do Something Special!

Melvin Brown

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